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- December 1990 The company was established.
- March 1991 Moved to a the Hsichih new plant for plant expansion.
- April 1991 4 Toyo (DTP) fully automatic double-headed Crimping Machine purchase.
- June 1991 Capital increased to 10 million yuan.
- June 1992 The purchase of two Japanese JAN automatic terminal crimping machine.
- June 1993 The development of the electronic cassette mode, mass production of wiring processing portfolio purchase test machine 2.
- September 1994 Purchased six of semi-automatic terminal crimping machine, the electronic automatic wire cutting machine, production line of separation, cable, Cable line.
- January 1994 Factory safety by UL quality certification, purchased four computer color vision machine test machine.
- September 1994 The quality and safety of factory certification by the CAS, the purchase of high voltage test machine 2.
- January 1995 Contract with Synergy Development Center counseling ISO-9002.
- February 1996 ISO-9002 audit by logging.
- April 1997 Development of DC injection finished.
- March 1998 The expansion of the plant with the manufacture and sale of board of directors approved.
- April 1999 Original plant expansion stamped on the top floor.
- June 1999 Acquired the 6-foot conveyor machine, so that the production has been operating.
- May 2000 Purchase of a new plant.
- November 2000 Purchase of automatic terminal crimping machine.
- July 2001 ISO-9001: 2000 certification.
- June 2003 Purchased a mini two-headed Crimping Machine.
- May 2004 Purchased a mini two-headed Crimping Machine.
- October 2004 Purchase of Japan OSAWA ATM-5SF Automatic Terminal Crimping Machine.
- December 2004 ISO-14001 environmental certification.
- 2006 Imported Japanese OSAWA automatic wire cutting, crimping terminal machine (in order to produce high-voltage lines), imports of Japanese JAM fine automatic terminal crimping machine wire cutting.
- 2007 The MRP upgrade to the ERP system, establish customer complaint system, the establishment of the injection department, acquired a vertical injection machine exhibition in Las Vegas in the United States, acquired X-Ray spectrum analyzer (in order to analyze the ROHS six toxic substances). R & D terminal strip automatic recovery equipment, to housekeeping standards.
- 2008 Plant expansion and the purchase of a vertical injection machine, shooting About videos, create DMS system developed waterproof testing machine, Electronics Show in Munich, Germany, product quality statistical analysis reporting system, import of ISO / TS 16949:2002.
- 2009 Acquired vertical injection machine a copper tin package patents, the establishment of a database of materials, achieved TS16949: 2002 certification. Hydraulic crimping machine, in order to response pachytene 8 ~ 2Awg Crimping, 200Kg tensile testing machine.
- 2010 Acquired vertical injection machine one, Munich, Germany, electronics exhibition, document management systems link with the customer complaint system, developed M12 waterproof connector, to acquire Germany pachytene peeling machine. Expansion of the 20th anniversary celebrations. Invitation to shareholders, employees, dependents, customers and vendors participate together.
- 2011 Acquired vertical injection machine one imported from Japan JAM Automatic Wire Cutting Crimping terminal machine one import product life cycle management system PLM, the establishment of the new website, expand the plant to increase material positions, merge ISO14001: 2004 edition with ISO / TS 16949 : The 2009 version of the system integration.

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