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Everbiz Industrial was established in 1990.

Everbiz Industrial was established on December 12th, 1990, and the Company specialized in the assembly and processing, research & development, and  production of various types of cable assemblies varying from small hand-held devices to large automobiles, motorcycles, and boats. They are all included in the types of professional solutions that we can provide.

Unlike other ordinary wiring processing plants, our Company has an RD department that is capable of offering a full range of wiring solutions for all kinds of products.

Comprehensive Policies and Systematic Management

Everbiz Industrial grows yearly using its comprehensive policies and systematic management, and the Company will continue to uphold its policy of being correct, rapid, and responsible, being innovative and developing products, making the most effective use of resources, and providing the most professional customer services.

Principles for Environmental Protection

We uphold the belief that corporate growth and the ecological environment should coexist and prosper together, and Everbiz Industrial integrates environmental protection awareness and persistence into its daily operations.

We continue to enhance our sustainable actions for environmental protection in five areas which include climate change, energy management, water management, waste management, and air pollution control to achieve the goal of reducing pollution and waste and protecting the environment.

Inclusion in the Workplace

Everbiz Industrial has a people-oriented corporate culture and regards employees as the most important assets of the Company.

We highly value the two-way commitment with our employees as we use various management measures to create a working environment that complies with domestic and foreign safety and health regulations, and human rights norms.

We also make sure that the job descriptions of our employees are challenging and enable continuous learning, and we work hard so that our employees are proud of the Company.

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