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Main Factory

The Main Factory is the first stop for the front-end processing and manufacturing of wiring harnesses.
We have several fully automated machines.
That can precisely and efficiently produce products.
The semi-automatic production processes have also been retained to conduct processing according to customer needs.

Xizhi Factory

The Xizhi Factory is mainly responsible for the plastic injections to form internal and external molds of the wiring harnesses.
The Factory covers small-scale production units to provide customized and exclusive production lines.
The Xizhi Factory also outsource wiring harnesses to processing companies.
80% of the wiring harnesses complete their final inspections here.
Products here become common cable and electronic wiring harnesses found on in the market.

Datong Factory

The Datong Factory is a processing factory for independent vehicle-related wiring products.
The Factory manufactures of variety of automotive and on-board module wiring products.
The Factory produces the Company’s self-developed robotic arm automatic wiring and dispensing system.
The system has been automatically connected using terminal connectors to fully-automated machines.
To provide customers with stable and efficient high-quality products.

Zhongxing Factory

The Chunghsing Factory is an independent and exclusive factory for high-power wiring products.
The Factory specializes in the production of high-load high-current cable wiring products.
The Factory also handles all kinds of high-power wiring product assembly and processing businesses.
Unlike traditional wiring production equipment.
The production equipment at the Chunghsing Factory are all specially-made professional machines.
Safe production and protecting the employees are the primary goals of the Company.


Everbiz Industrial has a comprehensive laboratory for testing equipment, allowing the Company to provide clients with high-quality product management and inspection.

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