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Datong Factory

. The total area of the factory is about 200 ping, and the total number of employees is 64.
. Three-axis automatic glue dispenser
. Fully automatic dispensing system (manipulator operation)
. Fully automatic cutting terminal crimping machine (automatic housing)
. Ultrasonic sealing machine
. Semi-automatic quilt peeling machine
. Semi-automatic core stripping machine
. vertical injection machine
. Automatic belt organizer

Responsible for the project :

All kinds of electric vehicle modules
Electric locomotives
Electric bicycles
Vehicle wiring harnesses

Electric Vehicle Wire Harness Processing and Production Process

Automatic wire cutting and cover peeling → Automatic crimping → Bonding → Programming → Assembly → Electrical programming → Heat shrink → Visual inspection/packaging → Quality control inspection → Packaging and Shipping

Automatic wire cutting and cover peeling

Crimp terminal

Tin plating and bonding

Electrical programming

Braided casing

Packaging and Shipping

Assembly and Processing Area

Automatic Cutting and Terminal Crimping Machine (Automatic install of terminal)

Soldering Area / Programming Area

Ultrasound Sealing Machine

Electric Motorcycle Wire Harness Processing and Production Process

Automatic wire cutting and peeling → Semi-automatic terminal → Install waterproof plug → Wire pull positioning → Spot gluing → Bonding → Heat shrink casing → Electrical test → Air tightness test → Visual inspection / packaging

Automatic core wire peeling

Install waterproof plug

Wire pull positioning

Spot gluing


Heat shrink casing

Air tightness test

Semi-automatic Work Area

Automatic Glue Dispensing System (Operated by robotic arm)

Electric Bicycle Wire Harness and Processing Production Process

Automatic wire cutting and peeling → Bonding → Spot gluing → Dimensions and Positioning → Assembly →
 Air tightness electrical logging → Visual inspection / packaging

Peel wire


Spot gluing and sealing

Dimensions and Positioning


Air tightness test

Visual inspection

Glue Dispensing Work Area

Three-axis Automatic Glue Dispenser

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