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Test items:

. Water-proof testing
. Insertion / Pull Force Test
. Temperature and humidity test
. Characteristic Impedance Testing
. Eye Diagram Test
. Swing test
. Continuity Test
. Thermal Shock Testing
. Vibration Test
. ESD Static Test
. Metallographic Analysis
. RoHS 2.0 Hazardous Substance Analysis

A full Range Of Precision Instruments And Equipment

Vector Network Analyzer – 
Eye Diagram Test, Characteristic Impedance Parameter Analysis

2.5D Precision Optical Measuring Instrument – 
Non-contact High-precision Measuring of Outlining Dimensions

Thermal Desorption Mass Spectrometer – 

X-ray Fluorescent Spectrometer – 
RoHS Hazardous Heavy Metal Testing

Wire Swing Test Machine 
Swing Angle ±90°-180°

Swing Speed 100rpm
Maximum Number of Swings: 99999


Metallographic Detector, Cutting and Grinding Machine 

Metallographic Cutting and Grinding, Measurement of Dimensions and Analysis of Area Compression Ratio

Bond Testing Machine –
Max 200kg


Automatic Mating / Unmating Force Testing Machine 

Max 50kg

Mobile Robotic Arm

Five-digit Shock-removal Semi – micro Balance

3D Printer

Temperature and Humidity Machine – 

-4℃~150℃ temperature and humidity cycle test

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