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Xizhi Factory

. The total area of the factory is about 130 ping, and the total number of employees is 35.
. 2 large core stripping machines
. 3 cable management machines
. 2 stranding machines
. 4 welding machines
. 1 automatic color discrimination machine
. High-speed automatic computer cutting machine
. 11 vertical molding injection machines
. 10 electrical measuring machines
. 1 tin furnace

Responsible for the project :

All kinds of computer USB wiring harness
Medical and Health Equipment Wire Harness
Military industry special line
Weatherproof harness
Special wire harness

Mold Injection Production Process

Peel cover and peel core   Tin plating and bonding  Heat shrink casing  Visual inspection of line positioning before molding 
Inject molded inner and outer mold  Post processing  Electrical logging inspection  Quality assurance inspection and shipping

Peel core


Visual line positioning

Pre-injection of molded product

Outer molding

Electrical logging inspection

Pre-production Operation Area

PE Inner Molding

Mold Injection Area

PVC Outer Molding

Electric Logging Production Line Area

Vertical Molding Injection Machine

Small-scale Customized Product Production Process

Pre-production unit processing  Peel outer cover core wire  Bonding  Install Casing  Electrical logging inspection  Tallying  Quality inspection and shipping

Install terminal

Peel outer cover

Peel core


Install braided casing

Cable tie and shipping

Small-scale Customized Product Production Line

Ultra-high-speed Automatic Computer Cutting Machine

Outsourced Processing Production Process

Preparatory unit feeding  Batching  Create sample  Outsourced process → Return to Factory  Quality control inspection  Shipping

Install terminal

Heat shrink

Apply sticker

Cable tie

Wire trimming

Wire twisting

Spot gluing

Swing test

Electric Measuring Area

Power-on Inspection Test

Outsourced processing sample areaOutsourced Processing Sample Area

Power-on Inspection Test

Color Arrangement Identification Machine

Various Kinds of Finished Wire Harnesses

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