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Zhongxing Factory

.  The total area of the factory is about 100 ping, and the total number of employees is 33.
. 10 automatic wire harness processing machines
. Terminal crimping machine 18 sets
. 6 sets of peeling and core wire machines
. 2 sets of wire feeding and cutting machines
. 3 twisting machines
. 2 sets of tensile testing machines
. 2 soft row machines
. 2 tin furnaces
. 1 set digital torque meter

Responsible for the project :

Industrial electromechanical cable harness
High power and high load wiring harness

Cable Wire Harness Production Process

Automatic wire cutting and cover peeling → wire end treatment → Crimp terminal → Assembly → Heat shrink → labeling → Electrical logging inspection → Wire trimming packaging → Quality assurance inspection → shipping

Automatic wire cutting and cover peeling

Line end processing

Crimp terminal

Assemble the case

Heat shrink casing


Electrical logging inspection

Wire trimming packaging

Pneumatic Cutting Machine

Automatic Large-area Rotary Wire Peeling and Cutting Machine

Large Client-supplied Materials Area

Digital Torque Meter

Electronic Wiring Production Process

Wire cutting → Peel core → Crimp terminal → Tin plating → Heat shrink marking → Wire trimming packaging → Quality assurance inspection → shipping

Wire cutting

Peel core

Crimp terminal

Tin plating

Heat shrink casing

Wire trimming

Terminal Crimping Area

Air Hydraulic Terminal Crimping Machine

Core Wire Stripping Area

Hexagonal High-voltage Terminal Machine

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